Through these forums, which will be free and open to the public and media, we hope to equip policymakers, practitioners, and taxpayers with more of the information they need to craft or challenge federal, state, and international tax laws in order to better serve taxpayers and the nation.

Tax Analysts is proud to announce that in celebration of our 50th anniversary, we will launch a new series of forums on cutting-edge issues of tax policy. We will hold these forums several times a year in Washington and around the country, on the top issues in federal, state, and international tax. They will bring together leading figures from the tax community to discuss the most important issues and challenges facing the field. 

This series will further Tax Analysts’ mission: to shed light on tax policy and administration through aggressive, unbiased reporting and informed commentary from leaders in the field. In that spirit, we will feature top-flight speakers to frame issues, followed by in-depth discussion with policymakers, opinion leaders, academics, and journalists.

For our inaugural year of 2020, we will host four forums – the first of which will be April 29, 2020 in conjunction with our 50th-anniversary dinner celebration in Washington. See below for the current schedule of Taxing Issues forums:

April 29, 2020
Washington, DC

What’s Next for Federal Tax Policy? 

In a discussion moderated by Tax Analysts CEO Cara Griffith, House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal (invited) and Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (invited) will discuss the future of federal tax policy.

June 2020
New York, NY

A Conversation with Lee Sheppard 

In conversation with Tax Analysts CEO Cara Griffith, Lee Sheppard will examine top issues in international and corporate taxation.

October 2020
Chicago, IL

A Look at Tax Issues Facing the States

November/December 2020
Washington, DC

After the Elections, What’s Next for Tax Policy?