The founders of the Procedurally Taxing blog will explain its importance and its new relationship with Tax Analysts, and they will also discuss the Third Circuit’s decision in Culp, in which the court held that the filing deadline for a Tax Court case isn’t jurisdictional and is subject to equitable tolling. That key decision reverses precedent and will give more taxpayers their day in Tax Court. The panel will explain what the decision (and similar cases such as Boechler v. Commissioner and Salsi v. Commissioner) means for low-income taxpayers in particular and for tax administration and jurisprudence generally.

As a global minimum tax attracts growing support around the world, discussion about it continues to unfold in the United States. Our panel will thoroughly examine this multifaceted and controversial issue -- discussing the pros and cons of such a tax and encompassing the perspectives of both legislators and industry leaders. 

The skills and technology required in the tax industry are undergoing a major transformation. The industry is facing a burgeoning knowledge gap as leaders retire and fewer practitioners are available to take their place. How will the brain drain affect the next generation of tax professionals? What skills are sought in today’s professionals? Are law and accounting programs adapting to changing needs? And how will new technology like artificial intelligence affect tax practice? 

Artificial intelligence has rapidly grown in popularity across many industries including law and tax, with PWC and Allen & Overy recently partnering with the AI startup Harvey. The technology presents an opportunity for legal professionals to decrease time on routine tasks and increase their productivity in advising. But what are the ethical and moral considerations surrounding the use of AI? What are the downsides? And how extensively can AI be used in the legal arena, including the practice of tax law?


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Moore v. United States: What’s at Stake

The tax community is closely watching Moore v. United States because of its potential to upend large parts of the tax code. What could this case mean for the government’s ability to collect taxes? How likely is the Court to rule for the Moores? And if so, how large are the possible implications?