Until fairly recently, courts rejected the federal government's interpretation of its regulations in most high-profile transfer pricing cases. But with a string of major wins over the last several years, including Medtronic, Altera, and Coca-Cola, the IRS has reversed that trend. Is the government choosing cases more carefully or using better litigation strategy, or are the courts shifting their views on IRS arguments?  Will this trend continue in cases like 3M or Facebook and beyond?  How should taxpayers respond?  

President Biden and Congress recently enacted the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes climate incentives and healthcare provisions, along with a 15 percent corporate minimum tax. What are the tax implications of the act, particularly its minimum tax? What are the goals of the new corporate tax? And how does it align with the OECD’s efforts to establish a global minimum tax, particularly the pillar 2 proposal? 

With inflation rising to its highest levels in decades and the Federal Reserve beginning to raise interest rates, the panel discussed the ways in which tax policy could be a part of the efforts to slow rising prices. The panel also considered whether tax legislation over the last two years contributed to the rise in inflation, and the possible effects of additional stimulus or tax increases.  This special edition of Taxing Issues took place in partnership with the American Bar Association Section of Taxation‘s Hybrid May Tax Meeting from the Marriott Marquis in Washington.

Tax Analysts President & CEO Cara Griffith sat down with IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to discuss the efforts the Service has made to improve after two difficult tax seasons. Has the IRS been able to improve service after two years of difficulties due to COVID? How will the Service handle the increased information reporting from recent and prospective legislation? Will the IRS have the resources to pursue leads from additional information?


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