April 24, 2024 |  Pillar 2 & the States

The OECD’s pillar 2 will not only shape international and federal taxes but also affect many state and local taxes classified as covered taxes under its framework. That makes state and local taxation a crucial part of its analysis. What choices will states have to make regardless of whether the United States adopts pillar 2? How will they alter their tax structures and policies to align with the global framework? What can they do to ensure their compliance while maintaining their competitiveness? And what lessons can states take from their history of tax competition and cooperation and apply to this new challenge? 

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Cara Griffith
President and CEO, Tax Analysts

As the moderator for our Taxing Issues webinars, Cara objectively analyzes issues and asks probing questions that challenge panelists to explain and defend their positions.

When she’s not moderating Taxing Issues webinars, Cara provides strategic oversight for Tax Analysts. She has led efforts to improve the Tax Notes suite of products and to aggressively pursue transparency in the administration of tax systems. Previously, Cara managed the editorial department, including the flagship daily news publications and weekly magazines. She has written for a broad range of tax policy publications, including Tax Notes State, The Tax Adviser, The Hedge Fund Law Report, and The Hill. She regularly speaks at tax conferences and other events, discussing a variety of technical tax issues as well as the need for transparency in tax administration.

Cara has a BA in political science and a BA in international studies from the University of Evansville and a JD from the George Washington University Law School.

Steve Wlodychak
Former state and local tax policy leader for EY LLP’s Americas Tax Policy

Steve Wlodychak is a retired principal and the former state and local tax policy leader for EY’s Americas Tax Policy in Washington. Previously, Steve worked in EY’s Los Angeles and New York offices and was a state and local tax attorney for an international insurance company and an associate attorney with a major regional law firm. He also worked in New Jersey state government. A frequent speaker and writer on state and local tax developments, EY awarded Steve its first lifetime achievement award as tax educator of the year in 2017. He is a columnist for State Tax Notes and served as a guest lecturer on state and local tax matters for the LLM in taxation program at the Georgetown University School of Law. 

Steve holds degrees from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Seton Hall University School of Law and a master’s degree in tax law from New York University School of Law. 

Jeff Burns
National practice leader of multistate restructuring at Deloitte Tax LLP

Jeff Burns is a partner in the Deloitte multistate tax practice in Chicago. He serves as the leader of Deloitte’s national restructuring practice and as its multistate tax pillar 2 leader.  He has more than 23 years of experience in multistate taxes. 

Previously, Burns worked with both public and private companies regarding Accounting Standards Codification 740, state and local income and franchise tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and tax structuring. 

Burns frequently speaks and writes on state tax issues. 

Margaret Wilson
Founder of the Wilson Law Group LLC

Margaret Wilson founded the Wilson Law Group LLC in Princeton, New Jersey, in 2012.  Her practice focuses on state and local taxation, including state and local tax controversies, multistate tax planning, and the state and local tax aspects of reorganizations and mergers and acquisitions.   

Wilson frequently lectures and writes on state and local tax topics, with articles in publications including State Tax Notes, the Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives, the American Bar Association State and Local Tax Lawyer, the ABA Tax Lawyer, and the Tax Executives Institute’s Tax Executive.  She has authored two chapters of the New Jersey Tax Handbook.  She has been a partner with two national law firms and in-house tax counsel with two Fortune 100 companies. She also served as the president of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, as a vice chair of the ABA State and Local Tax Committee, as the chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association Taxation Section, and as a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on the Tax Court. 

Wilson received her JD with honors from the University of Michigan Law School, her LLM in taxation from New York University School of Law, and her BA with honors from the University of Michigan.    

Sponsorship opportunities for Taxing Issues events and webinars are available.  Please click here for more information.